Web Design vs. Web Development, and Let’s Meet the Unicorn

In a Web Design Company, you maybe heard about web designers and web developers. But, what’s really the distinction between web design and web development? The answer is already explicit by the labels they are called, the former designs, the latter code.

Let us delve more to the distinction between the two and after… we’re going to meet the unicorn!


What is Web Design?

Web design concerns about the visual aesthetics and usability of the website. With that being said, they commonly work on the color scheme, the layout, typography, graphics and any other things that revolve around the circle of visuals of the User Interface and User Experience. Web designers are the apothecaries of the websites who distilled different visual elements together to make a powerful impact when drank in visually by both the users and the audience.


Now, in contrast with the Web Design, what is Web Development?

Web development concerns about waking up the design made by a web designer. In other words, web development gives breath to web design. There’s really nothing more to say about web development besides that they code. Codes are on the tips of their fingers.

Web development is divided into halves—the front-end development and back-end development, which will be discussed in another article attached.


Now, let’s talk about the ‘Unicorn’

You might wonder, is it the magical horse with a single pointed and spiral horn from its forehead in fantasy stories told by our parent’s when we are a child playing muds? I’m sorry, but that’s not the unicorn I’m talking about here. ‘Unicorn’ is just a label for those hybrid people who can have skills in both web designing and in web development.

A ‘unicorn’ can give birth to a design of a website in an infant stage and can feed it with codes into a further development stage. And these ‘unicorn’ are highly sought after in the industry.

Despite all that, either you are a web designer or a web developer or the Brainiac ‘unicorn’, you are all magical breeds.


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