About the Project

SaveCRM or Customer Ralationship Management System helps small business owners keep on top of client communication and generate sales.

You can store clients’ information, track deal status, track sales, generate revenues from deals, create invoices, create projects, assign deals and teams to project, create to-do’s and assign team for to-do’s, set callbacks, set meetings, generate expense and income reports, and generate client and deals reports.


CLIENT: Simon Thompson
SOFTWARE: PHP, Bespoke Design
FEATURES: store clients informationstore client’s dealsnote clients/deals/todos– attach files on notesgenerate graphical estimations of revenues by deals– current month– past 12 months– future 12 months– CRUDgenerate graphical presentation of actual revenues by invoices over expenses– current month– past 12 months– future 12 monthscreate projects– assign deals / clients– assign todo lists– assign memberscreate todos– create todo items– assign membersteams– invite members thru email/ scrm accounts search– assign deals/clientscreate callbackscreate meetingscreate invoices by deals/projects– recurring profiles– single invoicestore expense with/ without proof (receipts/invoices)emailing– invoices– deals/project prospects– newslettersgenerate and store reports by time span– export– importcheck recent activitiesmanage profilearchives– deals– todos– projects– clientsmisc– taxes– currency– business logos– business/deal terms & conditionsscrm global search for clients/deals