How to Begin Learning Web Design

One can learn web designing without a hole in his pocket. In present time all work can be done by sitting at home through the Internet then education is also done through the Internet. There are online courses for web designing also. This will help you in saving time, power and cost of commuting to the institution.

Right off the bat, you need an enthusiasm for learning web outlining. There are some basic programming languages and tools that you need to master like HTML, Notepad++, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, XML, JavaScript etc. A web designer should have the ability to give an amazing look at the website.

If you search Google using keywords like web designing tutorials it will surely give you a good idea about the basic, classes online that you can enroll for a short duration of web designing courses. In a short period of time, you will surely be able to master web designing with hard work and perseverance

Most importantly, you must realize the role of front-end and back-end in web designing, and know the fundamental language required. Below are some of the explanations of these things:


Front-end Development

First, concentrate only on HTML and CSS. Think of a simple web design in mind and create it directly with help from resources like w3 schools. But only learn what is necessary to build your design.


Back-end Development

For starters, get familiar with PHP first.

Server Programming: Start with PHP. It is very easy to learn even now, just implement basic things like login, signup, displaying some dynamic contents etc.

Database: Connect MySQL from PHP and upload any information like username, password etc. in the database.


How to practice and actualize/implement?

Make web pages of your own using the concepts you have learned time to time. Look into the source codes of different site pages for comprehension.

For CSS, scan for layouts on the web and watch their source code. At that point have a go at making your own format.


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