Desingned Just for YOU!

We offer free custom mockup designs for your new website and will be delivered to you in 5 days prior to signing or paying anything. If you like our design, then we can work together on your new website as soon as possible. If not, then it is alright. Continue reading to know exactly how it works.

Steps for Done

Our Working Process


Fill Out our Contact Form

We can start once you fill out our contact form below. After you put out all the information needed on the contact form you will receive a reply within 24 hours requesting a schedule a call from you to know more about your needs. A quick conversation on the phone is needed so that we can fully understand the scope of your project and can give you a proper quote.


We Call you on Skype

As soon as you confirmed the schedule call-time, we will call you and it will take 15-30 minutes only. We will determine your website’s goals, timeline, key functional requirements, and other important matter by asking you a series of inquiries.  


We give you a proposal

We will email a proposal for the project within 2-3 days. It contains the detailed list of all the services and features offered, the timeline for the project, and a quote for the project approve the scope and budget of the proposal without signing anything and money involved.


Site Survey

We will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to fully understand what you want for the design of your new website.


Review and Call

When you are done answering the website questionnaire and have sent it to us, we will then review your answers together with a call to get further information and clarify things of what you still want to put and include for your new website. 


Starting Your Mockup

We will then have a Photoshop Mockup of the homepage of your new website after we have received your information from the questionnaire within 3-5 business days. The mockup is just a preliminary draft and if we work together you will have plenty of opportunityto revise the design.



Finally, if you like the mockup and wish to move ahead in cooperating, we will then sign an agreement with similar terms drafted in the proposal.

But if you do not like the mockup then do not worry about it. You owe us nothing and we are still looking forward to be working with you in the future. 

The condition here is that you do not have any legal rights to the mockup design we made and you cannot use it for your site without full compensation.