Business Firm’s Phantasma Employees

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Picture a phantasma household worker in your house. Now imagine he can wash the dishes, mop and swept the floor, cook foods, fetch your mail and all other household chores. But. As a phantasma, he is not physically present, like a ghost. He may not be physically present but you knew he’s there, doing tasks. Yikes, creepy. That’s what a Virtual Assistant is like—minus the creepiness.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are the people who work as service support to any kind of businesses—establishment or online—without being physically present to the business firm he/she’s working with. In other words, Virtual Assistants works in a remote location. More likely, they are home-based business employees.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

Virtual Assistant is very extensive. They are more likely to do everything an employed business service support can do. Except. Of course, running errands. For as to what I’ve said, Virtual Assistants works in a remote location and are home-based employees.

Here are some viable tasks a Virtual Assistant can confidently do:

  • Social Management—set-up social media accounts and Social Media Marketing (SMM);
  • Website Management—manage your website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Project Management—creating basic reports and preparing slideshow presentation;
  • Email Management—email responses, reminder emails, and newsletters;
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer support and service;
  • Graphics creation;
  • Research and writing and more;

Yes, Virtual Assistants can be a versatile worker. But. It doesn’t mean they can do everything that is mentioned above. But a person who can do all those mentioned tasks? That’s kind of absurd. There are Virtual Assistants who can do one or two or three tasks and there also Virtual Assistants who focus only on doing one task, depending on their skills.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

The first major thing to do before you can hire a Virtual Assistant is to decide and make a list of the business workings you want to outsource. Let’s put it like this, you’re like: “I find it so overwhelming managing our business’ Social Media accounts.” Fret no more, Social Media Marketers or marketers as they are called are to the rescue. (What is Social Media Marketing, click here…)

Now, let’s move on to where you could look for a Virtual Assistant to hire. This might kinda bias, no, it might is. But. PixelPrint IT Consultancy offers any kinds of virtual supports; Social Management, Website Management, and all the other stated tasks above—Virtual Assistance are particular.

P.S. Note: Virtual Assistant is like a phantasma minus the creepiness.

P.P.S It’s only meant figuratively.